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Ortus PR played a key role in successfully implementing a Chinawide campaign that helped put client Papa John’s in the limelight as the world’s third largest pizza company celebrated the opening of its th store in China. The three city th store celebration took place in the space of four days in Papa John’s major markets of Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. Ortus PR successfully organized all conferences and launch events attracting attention from major international news outlets like Bloomberg and Reuters, as well as prominent China .


The events organized by Ortus PR resulted in major coverage throughout China and even as far as major outlets in Southeast Asia. “We all agree that this was the most professional, well organized and effective PR event that Papa John’s has done in China. The Ortus PR team’s planning and execution was nearly flawless. We appreciate their efforts in making this a truly memorable occasion for both China and for Papa John’s,” said Myles Felt, who is Papa John’s International Vice President for Asia and the Middle East.


In January , the Ortus Group inked a retainer with Papa John’s Pizza in China, the country’s fastest growing pizza chain. The scopes of responsibilities include proposing and implementing all public relations and marketing activities nationwide. In addition, Ortus Advertising the creative arm of the Ortus Group also oversees the creation of all advertising, marketing collateral, and instore print materials that include table mats, posters, and menu designs for Papa John’s stores throughout China.Ortus Group Lester Lim Ortus.


Ortus PROrtus Public Relations is a fullservice public relations agency that delivers costeffective and measurable results for our clients in the China market through creative PR initiatives, both strategically and tactically. Ortus Public Relations is a member of the Ortus Group.About Ortus GroupA provider of integrated marketing communications China Wholesale Pump Castings Factory services in China, Ortus Group consists of three independent agencies: Ortus Advertising, Ortus Public Relations and Ortus Events. With the different areas of specialization, we are able to deliver creative, effective, and intelligent solutions that will make your brand rise above the competition. 

make you wonder how many best friends

As promised, we have diamond hour markers and diamonds inset on the case, a two-toned affair in stainless steel and gold as the name suggests. One favorite is the Bulova Diamond Mens Watch, marked by a square-shaped silver chronograph, striking right angles and all. For men, one of the hottest among the Concord Mariner collection is the Men's Automatic Watch in 18 karat rose gold and stainless steel, complimented adeptly by a silver dial and, of course, the brand's classic 12-sided China Wholesale Mining Machining Castings Factory bezel.Hey, you can always buy that stainless steel chronograph for the man in your life -or perhaps that black-dial diamond number for a certain lucky lady. So if men can have diamonds, perhaps women are due for something a little more masculine - but of course, still with diamonds.


Now, those XX-chromosomed vixens might enjoy the Concord Mariner Ladies Diamond Watch, featuring an iridescent mother-of-pearl dial and diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. You'd think it would at least be possible to restrict your quest by gender - do you want a Concord ladies watch, or one for men? But regardless of your particular chromosomes, the Concord Mariner collection is so exquisite that you'll wind up perusing the selection in its entirety. or maybe two. Showcasing classic stainless steel and diamond combinations, this collection applies a whimsical challenge to the conventions of style and structure. With any luck, you're now down from approximately one million possible watches to a fab collection of four, which suggests you only have one or two more hours of deliberation ahead. Watch enthusiasts typically begin by selecting several "favorites" (perhaps every model on the website), and then devoting the next hour or several to narrowing down their choices from many to few to one.


With a watch like that, you might think that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but try taking that up with a men's Bulova wrist watch. The Concord Mariner watch is no exception. The bracelet is likewise two-toned in a dazzling pattern clearly exempt from the aforementioned humdrum effect.. Rose gold is a subtle, classy way to break free of humdrum silver and gold (or gold and white gold) (or gold and stainless steel) without straying into crocodile-skin-wristband territory. Coming from the Bulova Sport Marine Star collection, the Ladies Two Tone Diamond Watch provokes certain athletic, rugged connotations, evened out by some magnificent materials.


This beauty boasts 12 diamond hour markers, diamonds around the bezel, and diamonds set along the bracelet. The result is a sophisticated blend of geometry and class - enough to make you wonder how many best friends diamonds really have. Keep it up, though - on your next shopping expedition, you'll at least be able to watch the hours tick by in style. About Author Mark Etinger :. Still, the color uniformity of the diamonds, mother-of-pearl, and Valve Castings Suppliers stainless steel case and bracelet insure that the piece is elegant, not flashy.Crazy for Watches? A Concord Mariner or Bulova Wrist Watch Will Satisfy Any Enthusiast When you're looking for a luxury watch online, most seasoned shoppers will suggest you clear your schedule.

providing exhaustive analysis pertaining

Research TradesIn this report, the global Coconut fiber market is valued at USD XX million in and is expected to reach USD XX million by the end of , growing at a CAGR of XX between and .Geographically, this report split global into several key Regions, with sales (K MT), revenue (Million USD), market share and growth rate of Coconut fiber for these regions, from to (forecast), coveringUnited StatesChinaEuropeJapanSoutheast AsiaIndiaAsk for sample copy .researchtradesrequestsample.


Global Coconut fiber market competition by top manufacturersplayers, with Coconut fiber sales volume, Price (USDMT), revenue (Million USD) and market share for each manufacturerplayer; the top players includingHeng Pump Castings Factory HuatDutch PlantinGeewin EximNedia Enterprises Inc.Kumaran FibresFibredust.. Global Coconut fiber Sales and Market Share by Region .. Global Coconut fiber Revenue and Market Share by Region . Global Coconut fiber (Volume) by Application United States Coconut fiber (Volume, Value and Sales Price). United States Coconut fiber Sales and Value .. United States Coconut fiber Sales and Growth Rate .


United States Coconut fiber Revenue and Growth Rate .. United States Coconut fiber Sales Price Trend . United States Coconut fiber Sales Volume and Market Share by Players. United States Alloy Steel Casting Factory Coconut fiber Sales Volume and Market Share by Type. United States Coconut fiber Sales Volume and Market Share by Application China Coconut fiber (Volume, Value and Sales Price). China Coconut fiber Sales and Value .. China Coconut fiber Sales and Growth Rate .


China Coconut fiber Revenue and Growth Rate .. China Coconut fiber Sales Price Trend . China Coconut fiber .About us:Research Trades has team of experts who works on providing exhaustive analysis pertaining to market research on a global basis. This comprehensive analysis is obtained by a thorough research and study of the ongoing trends and provides predictive data regarding the future estimations, which can be utilized by various organizations for growth purposes.We distribute customized reports that focus on meeting the client’s specific requirement. 

mannufacturing various restaurant units

Stainless Steel is performing miracles for a lot of sectors in the current age and has found a great revolution with technical break throughs the world is witnessing presently. StainlessSteel has moved from the tough work done with bare hands by the black smith to the innovative tools and computerised equipment of the present. There's been a radical change within the way products are fabricated out of stainless steel, a wonder alloy. Stainless steel suits most businesses owing to its amazing features Stainless steel, an alloy made from iron and chromium, is highly resistant to stains and rust and it reallyflexible in nature.


This low carbon steel is extremely resistant not only to spots and rust but also heat and all types of impacts making it suitable to the majority of businesses. Chromium is the guardian angel that makes stainless steel anticorrosive; it helps to form chromium oxide as a protective layer on the surface of steel and this has the capability to fix itself out of damages. The other elements which help in this aspect aremolybdenum.nitrogen and nickel. Steel being anti corrosive, fire and heat resistant, durable and long lasting, is most favored in hospitals which have to keep very high standards of hygiene and likewise it can be found in the commercial kitchens that handle an extremely perishable product, food, and have to exercise utmost caution to observe that the food is prepared, kept and served in the most hygienic way.


Another great advantage stainless steel has is the simple care it offers; It has a glazed and lustrous surface and wiping with a clean cloth is all that is required tokeep it looking tidy and squeaky clean. Apart from all its benefits, steel is very stylish and gives a modern look to kitchens and other spaces where it really is utilized. Manufacturing too is easy with stainless steel as this alloy could be cut or melted or reshaped and welded with much ease; carbon steel on the other hand is certainly not that simple to fabricate. Application of Stainless Steel in hotel Wholesale Pump Castings Factory industry The use of stainless steel in hotels has become the order of the day and is used for mannufacturing various restaurant units and catering equipment as well as pub counters. Bar counters are subjected to substantial use with lots of spills and having a stainless steel counter is really a blessing as it is so easy to clean.


Stainless steel guarantees no incidence of contamination of food and this really is what the restaurant owners are most happy about. Another area in commercial kitchens that uses generally stainless steel is the back splash in the kitchen; backsplash is a location that is constantlty targeted by grease and other greasy fumerand a stainless steel backsplash, though a little expensive is worth every dollar spent on it in the future. Stainless Steel is rather easy if you really understand how it functions, it's just that you just don't find the time to check into it. The utilization of appropriate tools and equipments will go a very long way in assisting you to get the desired look for the items fabricated. Remember, picking China Valve Castings Suppliers a reputable Stainless Steel company is just as important to assist you get excellent results. 

cleanup the surface and make it a product

Recycling of Stainless steel Long lasting will not mean permanent. Once the blend is created, it then goes into shaping of things that later come into the market place. About Author Laura Lee :. It may be the utilization that is absolute.Stainless steel will not rust when exposed to water and oxygen. Injecting spot resistance qualities in stainless steel Passivation is a process used to improve the resistance power of in stainless steel. Major architectural marvels are assembled using stainless steel. New things are replacing old things to make life better.


Things change in form, color, texture, size and utilization. We see houses full of items madeof stainless steel. What was designed a decade ago is no longer in style now. Oxidants are used in the process of passivation. The Production Iron ore, nickel, silicon and chromium parts come together China Wholesale Pump Castings to form stainless steel. Architectural benefits Stainless steel can be used as construction material due to their though qualities. It is the naturalqualities in stainless that makes it a useful part in lots of architectural marvels. In short, Stainless steel for a technology has come to stay. The properties of stainless steel are so conducive that its uses have gotten innumerable. What we saw a decade ago, we don't see them now.


It takes 12 hours for all these parts to melt in a blast furnace. Chromium present in Stainless steel is better than that of carbon steel.Stainless steel fabrication is a process of bending and cutting metal structures. Important point to note here is the grade of stainless steel; it has a major influence in the longevity of the product. These metal structures are the preferred commodities for them being spot resistant, corrosion resistant and rust resistant. It gets polished to get its final glow. The China Valve Castings Suppliers caliber ofrust is that it really erodes anything in which it forms. It will not have important damages and hence, it keeps its value. The procedure removes iron content that settles on the surface of the steel. The applications of stainless steel are in architectural cladding, Handrails and balustrading, Roofing, Drainage and rainwater goods, and making Wall support products.


The advantage of stainlesssteel products is its internal formations. Stainless steel experiences one more round of cleaning till all of the oxidants are also removed; else, corrosion can still happen. Stainlesssteel has diverse range of applications. Nothing is permanent as we know it. It must match the surroundings to last long. Oxidants used cleanup the surface and make it a product of choice. Stainless steel, though long lasting, goes intorecycling to get better and updated. The qualities in them make them long lasting and stable. If not the steel itself, it could be the layout that's obsolete. Technologies evolve,infrastructure change, modern machineries are introduced on regular basis. It might be the model that is simple. That's true with steel also. A thin layer of chromium oxide is used in stainless steels to create a rust resistant quality. Swimming pools use stainless steel; it is for its ornamental properties and for its durability.